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Ilona Jileaeva


Jonah Kitay


Questions you might be having regarding our wedding weekend...

1) What is "springtime formal?"

We ask that men wear suits of any color (ties optional) on the wedding day. Women may wear any length dress at or below the knee; floor length dresses are not required. We encourage guests to wear springtime prints and colors!

2) What is "dressy casual?"

This is just a step above the typical tennis shoes and t-shirts —think sundresses, casual button-downs, jeans, or khakis. The welcome party will be outdoors weather-permitting, so dress accordingly!

2) Will the wedding be outdoors or indoors?

The ceremony will take place outside, weather permitting. Women may consider block heels to be able to walk comfortably in the grass . The weather in April may be warm during the day and chilly in the evening, so consider bringing a shawl or jacket.

3) What date do I need to RSVP by?

Please RSVP by March 1, 2024.

4) Can I RSVP online or do I have to mail in an RSVP card?

We ask that you RSVP online. A QR code and instructions will be included on the invitation. If you would like assistance with RSVPing, please reach out to Jonah at (904) 239-0486

5) What are the addresses of the wedding ceremony and reception venues? Are they wheelchair accessible?

All wedding events apart from the bar crawl will take place at 175 Cherokee Dock Rd, Lebanon, TN 37087. This is a wheelchair accessible location.

6) Is there parking available near your wedding venue(s)?

There is parking available on site and parking attendants will be available for parking assistance.

7) Have you reserved blocks of rooms at one or more hotels?

Please visit the "travel" page of our website for information on the two wedding blocks we will be providing on our website.

8) Will there be a shuttle to and/or from the hotel(s)?

Yes, we will provide shuttles to and from the two Gallatin hotel blocks on the wedding day. Shuttle information will be provided on the "Events" page closer to the wedding date.

9) Why is there no chicken or beef option for the wedding?

We are having a kosher-style wedding, meaning that we won't be mixing meat and dairy on the day of. Don't worry though, the fish options are so amazing, you won't even miss the meat! For any kosher guests, please note that the welcome party will have meat options out, but that they are *not* kosher.

Please reach out if you have any immediate questions.